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About Us


We envision a future where every Muslim has access to the resources and community support they need to learn, live, and strengthen their faith.


At the Al-Furqan Learning Centre, we strive to provide a nurturing environment for education, worship, and community engagement, empowering fellow Muslims to learn, live, and grow in their Islamic faith and values.

Al-Furqan Learning Centre Profile

The Al-Furqan Learning Centre, located in Red Deer, Alberta, has been dedicated to serving the community since its establishment on December 18, 2018. Initially, the organization operated from a rented unit in a commercial building on the north side of Red Deer. Its founding was driven by the absence of a licensed Islamic school in the area, creating a demand for Islamic education.

As the first Islamic organization on the north side of Red Deer, Al-Furqan Learning Centre aimed to address this need and provide quality education to the local Muslim community. Over time, the organization received numerous requests from parents and community members for a mosque. In response to this growing demand, the organization expanded its mission in 2019 to include masjid services.

The decision to incorporate Masjid services was motivated by the desire to establish a dedicated space for prayer, gatherings, and community events. This expansion allowed the Al-Furqan Learning Centre to become a central hub for the Muslim community on the north side of Red Deer.

Recognizing the need for accessible facilities and services in the downtown area, the organization took a significant step forward in 2021 by purchasing a property in that location. This strategic move enabled the Al-Furqan Learning Centre to expand its services and reach a broader audience. The center’s goal was to provide accessible Islamic education and masjid services to both the north side and downtown areas of Red Deer.

Our Services

To fulfill our mission and vision, we offer a wide range of services at the Al-Furqan Learning Centre, catering to the educational and spiritual needs of the local Muslim community:

Our Values

Our Future Goals

At the Al-Furqan Learning Centre, we have ambitious plans to further expand and enhance our services to cater to the diverse needs of our community. Our future goals include:

By expanding our services and facilities, we seek to create a vibrant and inclusive Islamic center that meets the evolving needs of our community. We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging, connection, and spiritual growth among our members, while also serving as a beacon of knowledge, support, and guidance for all.

Guaranteed Success

Our Services

Comprehensive services at Al-Furqan Learning Centre: Community support, educational excellence, and spiritual growth. Join us and enrich your journey!

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